From First Contact to Conviction.

Assisting law enforcement and prosecutors combat violent criminal organizations by linking critical information across jurisdictional boundaries and organizing complex investigations around the unique requirements of prosecuting RICO cases.



Our platform focuses on the criminal - not incidents. We provide a full lifecycle intelligence collaboration of the criminal profile - From investigation and arrest, to prosecution, to incarceration, and release.

Law Enforcement

The frontline - Our tool aids in analyzing case data and intelligence to take down the most prolific criminals.


A well-organized case file is digitally accessible to the DA's office enabling more effective prosecution of criminals


Intel from law enforcement is available to corrections for strategic placement of criminals while incarcerated.

Post Release

Data collected in jail can be added to the criminal file and presented back to law enforcement upon release.


Highlights of our innovative technology.








Automatic Pattern Detection


Link Analysis


Data Visualization

Press Room


How the State of Georgia is fighting gang violence with the cloud

“You used to hand the District Attorney a box full of stuff. Now, the Formulytics platform bundles everything in a highly-professional work product that meets all requirements called for by state statute. It has gone from a gritty collection of intelligence in the street over months or years, to a polished legal document that gets in the hands of the DA, goes to a courtroom, and builds a better case for a jury,”


Sheriff’s Department to field test new software

“The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department may soon have a new tool [Formulytics] for investigating and tracking crime throughout the community."


Brunswick Judicial Circuit Receives Homeland Security Grant to Confront Violent Criminal Gangs

“The collaborative use of this investigative and intelligence-sharing platform by our law enforcement partners will ultimately improve prosecution of gang-related crimes in the Brunswick Judicial Circuit."


Over 33,000 Gang Member Profiles Added to the Georgia Gang Intelligence Platform

“The importance of this project cannot be overstated. The platform[Formulytics], coupled with the Georgia Gang statute, provides law enforcement and prosecutors valuable and needed tools to build strong cases against known gang members and identify connections, which ultimately makes our communities safer.”


District Attorney announces expansion of task force to target gangs

“This will also make it easier for us to work with other Formulytics users and with state and federal agencies.”


Henry County authorities unite to derail gang activity

"To keep up with rising gang activity, the Sheriff turned to a high-tech solution from Atlanta software maker Formulytics. It can help authorities track, identify and keep up with gangs and gang members locally, across the metro area and statewide."


Georgia taps Lagrange Police to help in fight against gangs

“LPD currently uses Formulytics to help investigate and prosecute street gangs. These cases have allowed the LaGrange Police Department the ability to arrest members of these criminal organizations, therefore, creating a better quality of life for citizens living in areas where gangs had once been prevalent in the past."


Chatham County DA Creates New Gang Database

"But gangs and gang members are hard to track down. That’s where a new database comes in. It collates the information from all police reports around the city, the different municipalities and find the links.“ The people acting in furtherance of crime.”


Atlanta Police Develop Innovative Intelligence-Sharing Network

“Through the partnership with Formulytics, the Atlanta Police Department has taken a giant leap forward in the fight against gang violence. This technology has enabled much smarter, much faster investigations and the results speak for themselves.



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